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music for dance

Fright Fight Flight

An interdisciplinary project of dance theater, visual and acoustic art

An international coproduction of the dance company bo complex (GE) and T42dance (CH).

In this cross-genre production, which premieres in the Künstlerforum Bonn (GE), the international collective, together with video artist Lieve Vanderschaeve (BE) and composer Dyane Donck (NL), is approaching the many-sided perspectives and reasons for flight. 


In this performance we look at three professional, young dancers and an older non-professional mover. Age and youthfulness on stage, next to and with each other. Four people in the midst of solidarity and aversion. Their love for each other is just as strong as the resistance. If you don’t trust someone, you cannot really fight as well.

(UN)BOUND is a dualistic dance performance about real-life, long-term relationships.

The Bold, The Bound & The Brittle

Two powerful women play their personal, destructive, comfortable and erotic moments until they are redundant. They leave behind the conflict between the brittle and the obscene.

Hinging on a past both distant and nearby, THE BOLD, THE BOUND & THE BRITTLE opens the door to a space where we all step out of our uniform. What remains is our own delicate humanity.

Bored to Death

A human being is stuck in the middle of a crowd. She is surrounded by other human beings who watch her fight time, fight choices, fight rhythm, fight her own critical mind.

Humans are physical beings… where are they going? That’s the central question of Bored To Death. In a consumer culture where our minds do the work and are entertained afterwards, our bodies are abandoned and connections are getting lost.

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