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An immersive trip through the thoughts and feelings

of a teenaged girl

coproduced with Cello Octet Amsterdam 

S.A.M. (Stop Annoying Me) explores finding and maintaining one's own identity in a world that sometimes feels hostile. This third production by Donck and Mondelaers as co-creators is a collaboration with the versatile Cello Octet Amsterdam. 


In this theatre performance with live music the 15-year-old Sam, portrayed only on film by singer Nina Kortekaas, shares the stage with her adult self (Els Mondelaers). Adult Sam follows her younger self who appears on screen, as a day in their lives unfolds in fragments.


Sam struggles with anxiety and feelings of loneliness, being misunderstood and self-loathing. She seeks refuge in the world of film and music, an environment in which her own creativity and imagination roam freely. We follow Sam as she tries to find her place in the world and at the same time struggles with dark thoughts.

Beeld SAM 1.jpg

FLUID will premiere at November Music 2024 and is created by Dyane Donck Company in co-production with Cello Octet Amsterdam.


Concept, creation: Dyane Donck

Co-creation and singing: Els Mondelaers

Music: Dyane Donck, Evelien van den broek

Text and voice-over: Michael Jahoda

Singing and performance on film: Nina Kortekaas

Final direction: Sjaron Minailo

Technical execution:  Marc Joosen, Sandor Caron

Design: Tatyana van Dalsum

Film: Auke Hamers

Animation: Jos Meijer

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