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an immersive headphone opera trip, feat. Claron McFadden


Eternal life... it seems like a blessing but soon it becomes a curse. In the horror classic The Hunger by Whitley Strieber, Myriam is the main character. A wonderful creature that lives forever, but therefore she always has to say goodbye to those whom she loves. It is an eternal quest for love. 


The collective NYX by composer Dyane Donck and mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers now brings the lonely fate of Myriam to life with an interdisciplinary opera featuring binaural audio. Donck and Mondelaers combine their skills in performances in which modern-classical influences, pop and electronic music meet. Their performance Myriam becomes a special sensory opera story that results in a highly personal songbook. The audience wears wireless headphones during the performance and immerses themselves in the dark world of Myriam.


NYX has focused on practical research into composing and performing with such wireless headphones. For example, the correct spacing of the sound, binaural technique and 3D audio was examined. As a special guest, the world-renowned soprano Claron McFadden (known as Louis Andriessen's favourite performer) takes part in the unique opera experiment through video editing.

“a very successful small concert which impact opened our ears and eyes for fantastic music production opportunities"    

Danish magazine Seismograf


NYX: concept, music and realisation

Els Mondelaers: vocals, electronics, loop station, flugelhorn

Dyane Donck:  vocals, electronics, bass guitar, electric guitar, theremin

Claron McFadden: vocals, performance (on film)

Luigi De Angelis: coaching direction, dramaturgy, light

Auke Hamers: film director

Sandor Caron: sound engineer 

Marc Heijmans: head sculpture, design booklet

Stichting MONO: production

November Music, Muziektheater Transparant, Podium Bloos, Operadagen Rotterdam: co-production and coaching

Made possible by the financial support of Fonds Podiumkunsten,  the municipality of Breda  and Stichting Prins Bernhard Fonds.



60 minutes

Contact, bookings and further information

+31 625 46 83 88

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