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Through Bone and Marrow

a live experience

Dyane Donck - Through Bone and Marrow Edit 1.00_07_04_18.Still007.jpg

Through Bone and Marrow: Live Experience is a unique collaboration between art centre BRUTUS and O. festival. The synergy between the two institutions creates new ways of experiencing visual arts and music theatre. 


Maarten Spruyt and Dyane Donck Company were commissioned by BRUTUS and O. to design a special edition of his exhibition Through Bone and Marrow. Maarten’s exhibitions tell associative stories in which atmosphere plays the leading role. 

Els Mondelaers (mezzosoprano), Dyane Donck and Maas van Gogh (saxophone) performed several live experiences for this event, inspired by the works exhibited by Maarten’s Through Bone and Marrow collection. The result is an immersive, ritualistic experience that crosses several genres and will leave audiences inspired to look at the exhibition in a new light.

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