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Sweet dream

Performed by gamelan ensemble Kyai Fatahillah (Bandung, Indonesia)

Divided into three movements, Sweet Dream explores the complexities of cherished relationships, human emotions and the journey to inner transformation.


Live musicians, projected film, spoken text and an electronic soundtrack complement and challenge each other. The different disciplines merge seamlessly, and take the audience on a multi-sensory experience and introspective journey. 


The first movement is a search for order in a chaos of feelings.In the second movement, the composition shifts its focus to finding inner stillness and peace in a more meditative intermezzo.  The final movement celebrates renewal and energy, with a dark undertone.


Beneath this musical narrative lies a textual layer, delving into the intricacies of various relationships. Despite the love we cherish for the people we are strongly connected to, complexities arise, as each person struggles with their own inner demons.


Sweet Dream is a collaborative effort of composer Dyane Donck, sculptor Iris Bouwmeester And animator Jos Meijers. Text and voice by Michael Jahoda.


Performed by gamelan ensemble Kyai Fatahillah (Bandung, Indonesia)


Commissioned by Trace21(NL)

Special thanks to Piet Hein van de Poel and Iwan Gunawan

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