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Gum boy orchestra

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“The musicians are playful and creative, with a broad musical interest, from modern classical and contemporary jazz to adventurous pop en electronic music."




Tijn Berkelmans - guitar/vocals/effects

Dyane Donck - bass guitar/vocals/electronics/theremin 

Jacqueline Hamelink - cello/loopstation/vocals

Robbert van Hulzen - percussion/drums/electronics

Gum Boy Orchestra started in the summer of the corona crisis. The musicians intend to combine fully arranged songs with 'concept based improvisations'. Inspirations are a.o. King Crimson, Julia Holter, Talk Talk, Radiohead, Steve Reich, David Lynch, Bon Iver, Eliane Radigue.

Music, light and projection create a total performance around 50 minutes.

Gum Boy Orchestra is independent of equipment (music/light) and is therefore able and wants to perform not only in concert halls and theatres but also in new (semi) public spaces like churches, cinemas and stations.

Made possible by:

Stichting MONO I Podium Bloos I Klaarlicht

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