In the years that Dyane initialized her own artistic projects, she collaborated with professionals from a wide variety of fields, and thus has built up a broad network. She cooperates on a more regular basis with a number of these people, forming DYANE DONCK & company. 
DYANE DONCK & company is happy to be involved in a broad range of artistic projects, from conceptualising to producing.
Talented professionals and creative personalities with whom Dyane Donck likes to collaborate regularly:
Els Mondelaers - mezzo soprano
Iris Bouwmeester - sculptor
Judith Clijster - choreographer/yoga
Jelena Kostic - choreographer
Auke Hamers - film maker
Sandor Caron - sound engineer
Hans Timmermans - programmer / whiz kid
Mark Heijmans - designer
Jacqueline Hamelink - cellist
Evelien van den Broek - singer / composer