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Mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers (B) and composer Dyane Donck (NL) combine their various skills in a performance concept in which modern classical composition meets pop and electronic music.
For this concept, the audience wears wireless headphones - a Silent Disco system - to experience the most intimate and subtle yet immersive and overwhelming 'soundscapes & songs'.
The added value of hearing the concert via headphones is the use of binaural audio, pre-recorded as well as live: a special technique that causes a 3D-audio experience - a massage for the ears.

NYX premiered at November Music 2018 their ambitious headphone opera: MYRIAM, a co-production of Transparant (Belgium), Operadagen Rotterdam (NL), Podium Bloos and November Music (NL). In this opera classical singing, psychedelic pop music, beats, live electronics, 3D-sound and video art will merge.

In anticipation of this project, NYX performed their work-in-progress and experiments in small, intimate settings at unusual locations around the country.
The tryout concerts they did at Operadagen Rotterdam and November Music with voice, bass guitar, theremin and electronics were very successful. Some audience feedback: 
'...I had the feeling the concert was really close and intimate and meant to be especially for me...'
' was a very special experience, something I had never seen and heard before.'

So: grab a headphone and enter the world of NYX!

NYX compose dark chamber music

presented in headphone concerts

Review in the Danish magazine

for art and music ‘Seismograf’:                              

"...Genre-wise, we were presented songs that were a mixture of Leonard Cohen’s melancholy and Laurie Anderson’s electronics, a sound that also included opera, layered harmony, live sampling, soundscapes and live footage of, for instance, a music box in binaural microphones.  The shifts between the various soundscapes and genres appeared almost magical in our ears. It was a very successful small concert which impact opened our ears and eyes for fantastic music production opportunities…"                    

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